Investment sectors

English   |   02.01.2016.

Food industry

This sector has the largest total revenue and employs the most people of all branches of the manufacturing industry in Croatia. The proximity of fertile land and organic farming enable the production of food products of exceptional quality.


Information and communications technologies

Although Croatia is a small market by population, rapid acceptance of new technologies by the Croatian consumers successfully compensates that. Thanks to an innovative, creative, educated, flexible and highly motivated workforce, ICT is one of the most profitable sectors for investment.


Wood and furniture industry

The wood industry has a long tradition in Croatia, especially in Virovitica and still occupies an important place in the Croatian economy. The wood industry has a very large share of the total Croatian exports. Pannonian wood competence centre will be of great professional assistance to all investors in this sector.


Renewable energy sources

The wealth of biomass and a large number of sunny days represent a great potential for growth and development of this sector. These advantages can significantly multiply by connecting with local agricultural and wood industries.

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